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Consultancy service
The progress of your crop can be monitored by viewing first hand, or we can view the crop over the internet, providing you have access to a digital camera. We provide advice on where the greenhouse should be positioned to suit individual crops.

Water testing service
We can arrange a full report on your water condition with a break down of contents. Once we have this, we can prepare the correct solution that is best suited to your individual crop.

Running cost
With this service we can prepare for you a breakdown of what is expected as the running cost for your system, covering all areas, including electricity, water usage, packaging etc.

Visiting farm businesses
This is a service that has been embraced by many hydroponic growers in Australia and overseas. It is a unique service that we offer for growers to maximise their investment. References are available on request.

Maintenance & repairs
If you are considering altering or re-covering your existing greenhouse, we have a team that can help you. Email us now.

We deliver our products to you across Australia and world wide.