Products for all your Hydroponic needs,
from various types of mediums, lighting, irrigation, heating & cooling systems, ozone generators, humidity controllers & water testing systems.


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A & B Hydroponic Solution
For 20 years we have been providing the A & B Hydroponic Solution to suit individual crops, including for the fodder industry and In all different types of environments. Our solution can be transported throughout Australia & the world.

Easy Grow Foliary Spray
Our Easy Grow spray is 100% natural & Australian made. Available in 1 to 200 litre containers. It is used in the cooler climate areas, where soil temperature is very cool. The plants will show an increase in production of up to 20%.

Fancy Lettuce Using Flood & Drain System
We have been using the flood & drain system since 1993. It is proven to be a safer & faster producing system than the older N.F.T system, reducing the problem of blockage in micro tubes & allowing better flow of oxygen to the roots.

Strawberry A Frame System
Patented in 1989, the Strawberry A-Frame System produces up to 48 kilos of strawberries per sq meter. Harvesting is easier with the A-Frame due to its unique design.

A & B Channel System
Tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, eggplants & even melons can all be grown in this cost effective & environmentally friendly channel system, allowing you better management over your crop. Tomatoes average 2.4 plants per sq metre.

Vertical Rotating Growing System (RGS)
The world’s first hydroponics vertical Rotating Growing System (RGS) has been developed by A&B Hydroponics. Refer to the 'Rotating System' section of our website for more information on the benefits of this unique system to growers. Patent: PCT AU02/00097.

We provide a selection of greenhouses, available in kit form or fully erected. Standard greenhouses include plastic roof, hail net sides & vents.

Environmentally Controlled Greenhouse & Tunnels
We have environmentally controlled greenhouses & tunnels for extreme climates, as well as for producing mushrooms, green fodder for animals & leaf vegetables.