Rotating Fodder Machine (RGS)

Patent Number AU02/00097

The patented technology was developed in-house by A&B Hydroponics International Pty Ltd. The company owns all Intellectual Property.

Other production sizes to produce fodder are also available.

Capable of producing up to 2000kg of green fodder every day in only 90m2 area.

Farmers can be guaranteed a regular supply of fodder all year round of the same high quality, irrespective of climate conditions.

The world's first fodder rotating, high yield producing, hydroponic system has been developed & trialed with outstanding success by A&B Hydroponics International. In a fully environmentally controlled greenhouse of approx 90 m2, the environmentally controlled unit provides the correct temperature, humidity & air ozone within the greenhouse. The greenhouse is also covered by 75mm-125mm thick coolroom building material, which provides excellent temperature control. The Rotating Fodder Machine enables growers to produce fresh fodder of around 700,000 kilos per annum equivalent to 50 acres (200,000 sq meters of grass pasture). This is approximately 2000 kilos per day of high quality stock feed in both protein & calcium.

The Rotating Fodder Machine has extensive market potential worldwide - particularly where climate conditions restrict farming; where soil is eroded/depleted/saline & where farming land is scarce/expensive.

The Rotating Fodder Machine unit comprises of 2 sections, approx 6m high. The fodder greenroom is approx 8m high. The fodder greenroom will come complete with a fully environmentally controlled unit providing the desired climate, humidity & ozone throughout the year, eliminating problems that have been caused by the use of evaporative coolers, such as bacteria & mould. Benefits of the Rotating Fodder Machine:

  1. Fodder Unit: producing fodder all year round in a small humidity & environmentally controlled fodder greenroom of 90m2.
  2. The unit can be set up to be pesticide free.
  3. Production output each day is between 1800 - 2000 kilos & is consistent all year round.
  4. The fodder greenroom of approx 90m2 produces around 700,000 kg fresh fodder per year, which is equivalent to 50 acres of grass field.(200,000sq m)
  5. Fodder is dust free, which reduces risk & prevents respiratory diseases in animals.
  6. Fodder is high in energy protein, vitamins and calcium.
  7. Fodder has high moisture content which helps prevent colic.
  8. Research has found that cows fed on fodder show a higher quality & volume in their milk yield & body weight.
  9. Very cost efficient & environmentally friendly, nutrients used are natural & the water can be recycled. The system is very easy to operate.
  10. The fodder is sprayed from above with a very fine mist of water with nutrients directly over the plant with no wastage of precious water.
  11. Cattle not only eat the barley leaves but the entire root system, providing fibre & protein. No medium of any sort is needed.
  12. Green fodder is a supplement to the diet, but in times of drought it becomes the main source of food. The system teaches farmers to better manage their livestock feed & to have feed available all year round, in particular, in drought times.
  13. Versatility of this unit is that the system can easily be converted to growing other vegetable crops such as mushrooms, herbs and witloff.

Plant analysis report carried out by the Environment Analysis Laboratory at the University of Lismore, NSW.

All analysis is dry weight.

Moisture content 89% Nitrogen 4.6%
Calcium 0.167% Protein 29.87%
Magnesium 0.246% Sodium 0.117%
Potassium 2.22% Phosphorus 0.91%
Manganese 53mg/kg Copper 28mg/kg
Zinc 56mg/kg Iron 235mg/kg
Day 3 Day 4 Day 6 Day 7 High Quality Fodder

Fodder is a high quality supplement for livestock diet. The above pictures show fodder at different stages of growth.

Notice the rich growth of the edible root system.