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A&B Hydroponics

Known as the “Lettuce King" during the days of his involvement at the Sydney markets, Joe & the team at A&B Hydroponics are in demand with many new & established commercial growers for their wealth of experience & knowledge.

Keeping up to date on the latest developments in hydroponics, combined with years of hands-on experience, makes us one of the most innovative & respected operations in the field of hydroponics, with clients from Saudi Arabia to the mountain alps of Japan & including Malta, New Guinea, UAE, Fiji, New Zealand & Australia.

Many of our innovations have been registered & patented, including the latest vertical Rotating Growing System (RGS). The merits of the vertical rotating growing systems have been reflected in the awards bestowed on the technology. The RGS was accepted by:

  • The NSW Innovation Council for inclusion in that state's Australian Technology Showcase,
  • The Australian Government Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry - Australia,
  • Selected as a NSW & National finalist in the 2001 Yellow Pages Business Ideas Program,
  • Selected as a finalist for the Northern Rivers N.S.W Innovation Awards 2004.

A&B Nutrients

We supply cost-effective & if required custom-made hydroponic solutions & supplies. Our solutions are specifically designed to get the best out of your produce with nutritional value, scent, flavour, water content, texture & colour. We can also supply a totally organic solution if required.